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Community Missions' COVID-19 Information

Community Missions' COVID-19 Safety Precautions

During these uncertain times, please know that Community Missions’ Senior Leadership Team is closely monitoring the issues surrounding COVID-19, more commonly called coronavirus. The Team is putting the necessary precautions into place in an effort to keep our clients and staff all safe and healthy during this time. 

Community Missions' COVID-19 Screening Questions

We need your assistance in helping to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Our priority is protecting the health of the clients who are in our care.

Community Missions' COVID-19 Update 5-1-20

As the calendar flips over to a new month, we find ourselves continuing to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the days and nights have not been easy for anyone, there have been wonderful acts of compassion that have helped brighten our spirits along the way.

Community Missions' COVID-19 Update 4-15-20

Though the past four weeks have been anything but normal, a common theme has arisen, one that carries through no matter the circumstances: Our community cares about our neighbors in need!

Community Missions' COVID-19 Update 4-2-20

Let's begin by saying that the past few weeks have been different to say the least around Community Missions!

Community Missions' COVID-19 Update 3-20-20

Greetings from Community Missions. I wanted to pass along an update as to what we are seeing within our programs at this time related to the COVID-19 pandemic. For nearly a century, Community Missions has been an outlet for the community to help one another to get through difficult times. Already in the first few days of this situation, we have seen this generosity of spirit in many ways!

Community Missions Issues Program Updates Related to COVID-19 Pandemic

For the past 95 years, Community Missions has provided compassionate support to its Niagara neighbors during their times of need. In keeping with this tradition, the organization is announcing the following changes to its programming in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, in order to protect the health and well-being of those we serve.

Hope for Niagara Reflections

Community Missions' Agency Pastor, Rev. Mark Breese, and the Niagara Ministerial Council has launched a site offering spiritual reflections.

Looking for Help?

Sometimes we just don't know where to turn when we are in need of help. Here are a few resources that we have seen that may be helpful, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic:


By The Numbers...

In 2021, Community Missions provided:

10,557 nights of shelter

174,497 meals

1,422 individuals with clothing

2,353 care days in Youth Services

45,497 care days in Recovery Services

72,658 care days in Housing Services

526 reflections & resources for Faith Development


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