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American Baptist Churches - NYS

Community Missions is a Validated Ministry of the ABC-NYS.


We can't do any of this without your help. Here's how you can get involved.

Community Missions depends donations to provide our Crisis Services. Regular annual giving is the best way that Churches (and individuals) can help. It really does not take much to make a big difference in the lives of those the Mission serves every day. Consider the following tables:



If a Church gives this amount each Sunday Annual Church  Donation 1/8 (about 34) ABC-NYS Churches If 200
ABC-NYS Church Donated
$0.50 $26.00 $884 $5,200
$1.00 $52.00 $1,768 $10,400
$5.00 $260.00 $8,840 $52,000
$10.00 $520.00 $17,680 $104,000

And it does not take that many individual members per church to make this happen:

If 10 Church Members per Church give this per Sunday Weekly Church Donation Amount would be Annual Church  Donation 1/8 (about 34) ABC-NYS Churches If 200
ABC-NYS Church Donated
$0.05 $0.50 $26.00 $884.00 $5,200.00
$0.10 $1.00 $52.00 $1,768.00 $10,400.00
$0.50 $5.00 $260.00 $8,840.00 $52,000.00
$1.00 $10.00 $520.00 $17,680.00 $104,000.00


The point is this:

If 34 or just 1/8 of ABCNYS Churches, could find just 10 members in each church to commit to put $1.00, that's FOUR QUARTERS, in the offering plate each week for Community Missions, that would total $17,680 of sustained annual giving. 

And if your church can give more than that each week, think how that could make a difference to those who are in need.

Please visit our Donation Page learn how you can give or contact Pastor Mark Breese for more information.


If you are interested in making in-kind donations, please check our Current Needs page to see what are generally the most needed items.

If you wish to find out if there are specific needs that are more pressing at the moment, please contact Pastor Mark Breese.


At the start of the covid-19 pandemic, the Mission started a website dedicated to providing spiritual support to the populations we serve. We continue to maintain this site. It would be WONDERFUL if you would be able to contribute content such as brief reflections, sermon texts that can be converted to reflections, online music or other fellowship events, etc. Although our focus is towards the populations we serve at the Mission, many others are benefiting from this site. Visit to see what is available and what we are looking for. We certainly can use help with content.


If you  have any questions about how you can get involved in supporting Community Missions, please contact Pastor Mark Breese at:

716-285-3403 ext 2259




By The Numbers...

In 2023, Community Missions provided:

12,108 nights of shelter

178,696 meals

2,780 individuals with clothing

3,562 care days in Youth Services

43,388 care days in Recovery Services

72,302 care days in Housing Services

467 reflections & resources for Faith Development


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