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Youth Services - REACH (Restorative Environments Allowing Children Hope)

The Youth Services division of Community Missions serves the local at-risk, troubled, emotionally disturbed, and homeless populations of youth under the age of 21. Staff provide a professional, nurturing and supportive structure to allow youth and their families to achieve the most desirable and appropriate level of family reintegration, while providing guidance and encouragement for youth to recognize their full potential and to accept responsibility for their decisions and actions.

Our Foundations of Care Include:

Trauma-Informed Care: We understand the impact of trauma on youth and families and incorporate Trauma-Informed Care principles in our work with each youth and family member on a daily basis;

Strength-Based Services: We view each child as a unique individual with strengths, capacities and challenges.  We teach children and families new skills to deal with challenges. We promote resilience and emphasize resourcefulness that exists in everyone! I HAVE, I AM, I CAN!

Family-Driven Care: We recognize that families are the primary resource and decision makers for their child. We assure that families are treated with understanding and respect. We recognize the role of the family in all aspects of treatment.

Youth-Guided Services: We recognize and support the right of youth to be empowered, educated, and given a role in the decision making process of their lives. 

Our Services Are Provided By:

For more information on these programs, contact Youth Services at 716-285-3403 x 2231.

Youth Services Brochure

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By The Numbers...

In 2023, Community Missions provided:

12,108 nights of shelter

178,696 meals

2,780 individuals with clothing

3,562 care days in Youth Services

43,388 care days in Recovery Services

72,302 care days in Housing Services

467 reflections & resources for Faith Development


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