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  • Supported Housing Case Manager

    Oversight and management of the individual cases of all Supported Housing tenants.

    posted: June 26th 2018

  • Aurora House Team Leader

    Supervision of Severely Emotionally Disturbed Youth. Completion of Functional Assessments and Progress Notes. Participation in Clinical Review of youth and development of Service Plans and Behavior Management Plans.

    posted: June 15th 2018

  • Apartment Program Operations Specialist

    Identification and monitoring of facility and apartment security, maintenance, and safety needs. Preparation of apartments for resident occupation. Fire safety training and testing. Operational procedures training.

    posted: May 17th 2018

  • SPOA Housing Case Manager

    Short-term Case Management/Counseling for a caseload of residential housing Consumers needing enhanced services to maintain level of care.

    posted: May 4th 2018

  • Aurora House Transporter

    Facilitates transportation for youth who reside at Aurora House and who have emotional or behavioral difficulties. Is directly responsible to assist in transporting to appointments for the youth.

    posted: May 1st 2018

  • Apartment Program Senior Residence Counselor

    Oversight of the cases of a team of Apartment Program Residents including benefit procurement and maintenance, health management, restorative service planning and delivery, records maintenance, and monitoring of functioning level.

    posted: April 27th 2018

  • Apartment Program Residence Counselor

    Assist Senior Residence Counselor in the planning, delivery and documentation of restorative and case management services for a team of residents in an Apartment Treatment setting.

    posted: April 25th 2018

  • Hansen House Resident Aide

    Deliver Restorative Services (symptom management, socialization, personal hygiene, laundry, food preparation, housekeeping skills training) to residents as scheduled or assigned.

    posted: April 22nd 2018

  • Crisis Services Resident Aide

    To provide emergency shelter services to Crisis Services, Respite and Parole Re-Entry clients including intakes, discharges, housing linkages and referrals.

    posted: April 21st 2018

  • Special Needs Youth Awake Overnight (Part-Time)

    Responsible for maintaining wake supervision of youth and security of program.

    posted: April 18th 2018

By The Numbers...

In 2017, Community Missions provided:

12,045 nights of shelter

109,727 meals

6,920 individuals with clothing

2,179 care days in Youth Services

44,719 care days in Recovery Services

70,145 care days in Housing Services

187 opportunities for Faith Development


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