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  • Family Peer Advocate

    Provides emotional support and advocacy to families of children with emotional or behavioral disabilities with special emphasis on parent support and communication.

    posted: September 22nd 2020

  • Apartment Program ADL Specialist

    Provide residents with restorative services in the area of daily living skills as outlined in the ISP. Coordinate Activities program. Collaborate with staff in assessment of resident skills and level of functioning in area of Daily Living Skills.

    posted: September 16th 2020

  • Hansen House Senior Residence Counselor

    Oversight of the cases of a residence, including benefit procurement and maintenance, health management, restorative service planning and delivery, records maintenance, and monitoring of functioning level.

    posted: September 15th 2020

  • Canal View Program Manager

    Supervision and Management of psychiatric rehabilitation, community service linkage, and well being of all twelve (12) Canal View Residents in North Tonawanda.

    posted: September 14th 2020

  • SPOA Intensive Case Manager

    Provide enhanced targeted services for a caseload of residential licensed housing consumers to assist with maintaining level of housing and/or assist with movement to more independent/appropriate level of housing.

    posted: August 25th 2020

  • SPOA Housing Case Manager

    Short-term Case Management/Counseling for a caseload of residential housing Consumers needing enhanced services to maintain level of care.

    posted: July 30th 2020

  • YHDP Transitional Site Supervisor

    Assumes responsibility for the 24-hour operation of the Transitional Housing component of the YHDP program, including referrals, admission assessments and Intake.

    posted: July 21st 2020

  • YHDP Rapid Re-Housing Case Manager

    Assumes responsibility for the operation of the Rapid Re-Housing and Case Management component of the YHDP program, including referrals, admission assessments and Intake.

    posted: July 21st 2020

  • Maintenance Worker

    Perform routine manual labor and semi-skilled duties related to the maintenance of facilities and grounds.

    posted: July 2nd 2020

  • CHOICES Housing Resident Aides

    This is a general posting for three CHOICES programs. When hired, a worker is only expected to work for the program that hired them.

    posted: April 1st 2020


By The Numbers...

In 2019, Community Missions provided:

13,142 nights of shelter

112,562 meals

5,085 individuals with clothing

3,487 care days in Youth Services

43,973 care days in Recovery Services

72,450 care days in Housing Services

192 opportunities for Faith Development


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