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  • Cook

    To prepare lunch and dinner. Serve in a fair, pleasant, courteous and appealing manner for up to 150 individuals. Monitor and observe residents eating habits, manners and behaviors in dining area.

    posted: July 15th 2021

  • YHDP Rapid Re-Housing Case Manager

    Assumes responsibility for the operation of the Rapid Re-Housing and Case Management component of the YHDP program, including referrals, admission assessments and Intake.

    posted: July 15th 2021

  • Aurora House Program Manager

    Assume responsibility for the overall operation and supervision of the Aurora House Children and Youth Community Residence program and staff.

    posted: July 6th 2021

  • CHOICES Housing Residence Counselor

    Deliver Restorative Services (symptom management, socialization, personal hygiene, laundry, food preparation, housekeeping skills training) to residents as scheduled or assigned.

    posted: June 22nd 2021

  • Apartment Program Senior Residence Counselor

    Oversight of the cases of a team of Apartment Program Residents including benefit procurement and maintenance, health management, restorative service planning and delivery, records maintenance, and monitoring of functioning level.

    posted: June 15th 2021

  • Hansen House Resident Aide Night Watch (PT)

    Responsible for maintaining wake supervision of residents and security of program. Deliver Restorative Services to residents as scheduled or assigned.

    posted: June 10th 2021

  • Aurora House Clinical Manager

    Assumes responsibility for the overall integration and processing of the Trauma Informed Treatment Restorative Approach for the Aurora House program.

    posted: June 9th 2021

  • Peer Support Specialist (YHDP)

    Provides peer support and activities of social engagement for the Transitional Housing and Rapid Re-Housing components of the YHDP program, including assistance with referrals, admission assessments and intake.

    posted: May 24th 2021

  • YHDP Full-Time Awake Overnight

    Awake Position. Maintains contact with and supervision of residents. Maintains surveillance/ assures safety of residents during night shift.

    posted: May 2nd 2021

  • Rapid Re-Housing Case Manager

    Working closely with the Rapid Re-Housing team, this position is responsible for assisting clients to move from homelessness (including shelter/transitional shelter) into permanent housing.

    posted: April 29th 2021


By The Numbers...

In 2020, Community Missions provided:

11,504 nights of shelter

197,863 meals

1,102 individuals with clothing

2,471 care days in Youth Services

38,764 care days in Recovery Services

71,864 care days in Housing Services

145 reflections & resources for Faith Development


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