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The Need Is Growing!

Since 1925, Community Missions has served the Niagara community. While needs have always been present, the past decade has seen a tremendous increase in demand for the Mission's services. Today, more than one quarter (27.5%) of residents in the city of Niagara Falls live below the poverty line, including an astonishing 43% of children within the city.

View the charts below to see how demand has increased at the Mission over recent years, and click on this link to download a PDF chart of our Crisis & Community Services Total Statistics from 2004-2020.

The chart above shows the steady increase in demand for Crisis Housing over the past 13 years, totaling a 141% increase over that time. Crisis Housing includes those staying in the Emergency Housing Shelter, Mark's Place (HIV/AIDS Residence) and Parole Re-Entry.

The chart above shows the increased demand for meals provided by the Mission over the past 10 years. The Mission has seen remarkable increases in meals provided, resulting in a 121% increase in just the past five years, due in large part to a substantial increase during the COVID-19 pandemic.


By The Numbers...

In 2021, Community Missions provided:

10,557 nights of shelter

174,497 meals

1,422 individuals with clothing

2,353 care days in Youth Services

45,497 care days in Recovery Services

72,658 care days in Housing Services

526 reflections & resources for Faith Development


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