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Faith-Based Partnerships

Community Missions is deeply committed to building partnerships in the faith community. Our goal in these partnerships is to seek common ground where we can work with local faith based organizations in ways that help them realize the full potential of their own ministries. Building these partnerships also increases awareness of CMI's many services, and increases the volunteerism that is so important to our ability to serve those in need. CMI also seeks to develop ongoing working faith based partnerships on the denominational, regional and nation levels.

We know from experience that your involvement with the Mission will have a positive affect not just for those we serve. Your involvement will help increase the health and effectiveness of your ministry as you become part of God's call to serve those in need.

There are many ways to get directly involved in ministry at the Mission and we have made it easy for you to get started.

 Example Ministry Opportunities

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 Special Project & Events

Learn how to get involved or develop your own special Partnership Project. Call 716-285-3405 ext. 2259 to learn more.


 Missions Trips for those Near & Far

Whether you come from nearby or far away, Community Missions can be your Mission Trip Destination!



By The Numbers...

In 2022, Community Missions provided:

13,647 nights of shelter

218,178 meals

1,425 individuals with clothing

2,886 care days in Youth Services

40,978 care days in Recovery Services

72,642 care days in Housing Services

410 reflections & resources for Faith Development


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