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Socks 'n Undies Sunday

Each morning when you get up and dressed it probably does not dawn on most of us to be thankful that we have socks and underwear to put on. It is one of those things we take for granted-- and we shouldn't. There are many in our own community who would be be more than grateful to have clean undergarments to wear each day-- they would count it as a true blessing.
At the Mission we are always in need of undergarments for our clothing closet, homeless shelter, youth home and other programs. Being able to provide these most basic items is always a challenge. When we can provide them it helps those in need in so many ways. It provides those who use our services with more than just comfort, but provides dignity and a feeling that people care enough to remember that there are needs that can't be seen but are still important.

To meet this need, Community Missions has begun a partnership with an organization called "Socks'n Undies Sunday" which is dedicated to this very issue that so many individuals and families in need face. You can also be part of this partnership-- in fact it will not work without you! Using the shopping list from "Socks'n Undies Sunday" your church or ministry can hold a drive to collect donations of new undergarments that will be distributed through Community Mission. Our goal is to have at least one undergarment donation drive each month from January - September, and two drives in the months of October, November and December.

If you are interested in helping us meeting this basic need please download the posters and shopping list below and contact us so we can help you get started. Our suggestion is that you hold the drive by collecting items and donations throughout the month and on the final Sunday of the month hold a dedication for the donations before delievering them to the Mission. (Please sort the items by gender and size before bringing them to the Mission. Also please fill out the donation sheet to help us in keeping track of what we have on hand.)

Resources for "Socks'n Undies Sunday"

The posters and bulletin inserts below are in two file formats for your convenience. The PDF files can be downloaded, printed, and then customized by hand before you make copies to post or distribute. The MsWord files can be downloaded and customized on your PC with your word processing software before you make copies to post or distribute.

8 1/2 x 11 Poster                                PDF      Word

Shopping List                                     PDF

Donation Tracking Sheet                   PDF      Word       Excel             



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