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Our Mission

Compassion in Action ... Since 1925


Since its founding in 1925, Community Missions has provided a unique blend of referral, crisis, spiritual, community support, recovery and residential services for youth and adults. These services are offered in cooperation with donors, churches, groups, clubs and other service providers and governmental agencies.

Mission Statement

Community Missions provides integrated human services that meet people where they are and help them find and elevate their place in the world.

Core Values

The following seven core values have been selected to operationalize the Mission Statement of the Agency: 

  • Compassion: Awareness of and empathy for challenges that do not define a person but lead to growth and development
  • Integrity: A foundation grounded in the dignity of all persons characterized by an atmosphere of trustworthiness, honesty, and a sincere desire for excellence and ethical behavior
  • Respect: Conduct that demonstrates regard for an individual's path of self-determination
  • Spirituality: From our Christian foundation, our belief is that everyone benefits from spiritual growth. We enhance a person's spiritual growth and wholeness in the tradition of their choice.
  • Commitment: Assuring the development and implementation of strength-based interventions, communications, and practices that promote individualized and integrated services that are resourceful and effective
  • Accountability: Reliable behavior and actions that display a commitment to identify and enhance each person's potential
  • Teamwork: Collaboration designed to creatively and professionally support positive and measurable outcomes 


By The Numbers...

In 2019, Community Missions provided:

13,142 nights of shelter

112,562 meals

5,085 individuals with clothing

3,487 care days in Youth Services

43,973 care days in Recovery Services

72,450 care days in Housing Services

192 opportunities for Faith Development


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