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Statement from Our President & CEO Robyn L. Krueger

Fri, Jun 5th 2020 08:50 am

Over the course of the past week, I have listened to countless speakers and read even more reports and articles with a troubled heart trying to determine what the voice of Community Missions should say about George Floyd’s death and about racism, inequity and the ensuing protests.  My first thought is for the Floyd family and how we must grieve with them and the nation for this needless death and the sad continuation of racism in our country. All of these collective actions have taken on a public life that continues to grow across our country.

It is a life that calls all of us to move forward promoting societal change and justice, and the end of these needless and senseless deaths and incarcerations, which are the signs of racism and discrimination in all its ugliness and forms.  It is also a life that calls us to find the sacredness and dignity of all human beings.  It is a calling that Community Missions embodies in providing vital services to meet any person where they are and to provide any person a path to the better life that they would choose.

It is a life that calls us to consider our own place and actions in this quest for equity, dignity, respect and compassion for our fellow human race.  It is a life that calls us to stop asking each other if we are a racist or not.  The solution is not in whether we are racist.  The solution is in whether or not we have the determination to dedicate ourselves and our own lives to work with others to end racism and to end inequity in our community and in our society.

As employees of Community Missions, we call on ourselves to practice the core values that we have espoused and demonstrated for nearly a century:  respect for human life; an honoring of our Christian faith; engaging in teamwork for positive change; compassion that defines the empathy we share that a person is not defined by their challenges; integrity which grounds us in dignity and trustworthiness; a commitment that utilizes a strength based approach in all we do; and to being accountable for our actions that will enhance and elevate a person’s potential in this world.  These core values will help to define and inspire us as we join with many others who are dedicated to the end of racism and inequity in our community, our state and our nation.

- Robyn L. Krueger, President & CEO, Community Missions of Niagara Frontier, Inc.


By The Numbers...

In 2022, Community Missions provided:

13,647 nights of shelter

218,178 meals

1,425 individuals with clothing

2,886 care days in Youth Services

40,978 care days in Recovery Services

72,642 care days in Housing Services

410 reflections & resources for Faith Development


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