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Family Solutions Program

The Family Solutions Program is a best practice family group intervention program, aiming to strengthen families by providing experiences that increase skills for successful living and positive relationships. The program is designed to establish positive family influences on at-risk youth behavior and build social skills for youth well-being in preparation for a successful adulthood.

The goal of FSP is to help first-time juvenile offenders and their families find solutions, in a group setting, to family conflict and poor decision-making that will prevent repeat criminal behavior and improve personal and family well-being. FSP promotes group social support and community networking, successful parenting practices, and skill-building, such as anger management and improved decision-making. The program involves the immediate and extended family of the targeted child, while emphasizing resource-based development interventions. 

FSP facilitates weekly sessions that are intended to be enjoyable and lively for all participants. The program is strengths-based and typically consists of 10 weekly two-hour sessions within a structure of 6-8 participating families. The group is led by two FSP Certified Group Co-Leaders.

Funding for the program is provided by the New York Office of Probation and Correctional Alternatives (OPCA) through the Juvenile Risk Intervention Services Coordination model. 

Referrals into the program are conducted by Niagara County Probation, who can be reached at 716-278-8241. For more information regarding FSP, please contact Kimberly Olive at 716-285-3403 x.2272 or via email at

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By The Numbers...

In 2023, Community Missions provided:

12,108 nights of shelter

178,696 meals

2,780 individuals with clothing

3,562 care days in Youth Services

43,388 care days in Recovery Services

72,302 care days in Housing Services

467 reflections & resources for Faith Development


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