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Family Services

Community Missions, Inc. recognizes how the support and involvement of family members or supporters is often important in the lives of our residents. Studies show that individuals with natural supports tend to do better. Everyone needs people they feel close to, supported by, and to share goals and dreams with.

Our approach builds on the benefits families or supporters can bring for improved quality of life and ownership of one's personal recovery.

The goal of our program is to offer practical guidance, facilitate communication, encourage and provide outlets for family members to support their loved one's treatment and service plan goals, as well as jointly advocate for quality services.

We offer services to families and supporters of residents or consumers of services in any of our adult or youth division programs.

The Youth Family Liaison contacts the family prior to admission. In the Adult Division family contact is offered but provided only with the consent of the consumer. Residents are encouraged to include families in their recovery and treatment, while questions and input from family members and others in the client's support network are welcomed.


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By The Numbers...

In 2019, Community Missions provided:

13,142 nights of shelter

112,562 meals

5,085 individuals with clothing

3,487 care days in Youth Services

43,973 care days in Recovery Services

72,450 care days in Housing Services

192 opportunities for Faith Development


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