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Sunday Food Drive

A food drive could be done in conjunction with serving a meal at the Community Kitchen, working at the Food Pantry, or as a separate project. Non-perishable food items would be collected. There are two especially effective ways to hold the food drive. The first is to designate four consecutive Sundays for the drive. On each Sunday of the food drive have part of the service focused on how this type of giving exemplifies the call to service in scripture. For the final Sunday of the drive, have all elements of the service be designed to point towards a final dedication and blessing of the collected food items.

The other very effective method is to designate one Sunday a month as a regular collection day. (If food items come in throughout the month, arrange them around the alter as a reminder of the ongoing food drive.) On the chosen regular Sunday include a special prayer of dedication or blessing for the food donated that month. This method has the advantage of making this type of giving a regular part of church life.

The food items can be brought to Community Missions at your convenience. If you have an especially large quantity, the Mission can make arrangements to come and pick up the donated food from the church.



By The Numbers...

In 2022, Community Missions provided:

13,647 nights of shelter

218,178 meals

1,425 individuals with clothing

2,886 care days in Youth Services

40,978 care days in Recovery Services

72,642 care days in Housing Services

410 reflections & resources for Faith Development


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