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Local Mission Offering

Giving is always an act of faith. We give trusting that our gift will make a difference and that God is faithful and multiplies our gifts in ways that we can not expect. At Community Missions we live this truth every day. The financial resources for all of our Crisis Services programs (Community Kitchen, Crisis Housing, Food Pantry, etc.) come from grants and donations by individuals,  churches, and local businesses. In order to continue to offer support and provide compassionate services to our neighbors in need, we rely on the compassion of others. It is an exercise in faith to do this.

Churches and ministries can be part of this faithful living by collecting special offerings for Community Missions. Some churches take the partnership a step further and commit to donating their entire offering from a specific Sunday to the Mission. We see these acts of compassionate giving as a display of faith. We are always humbled at the generosity and caring people of faith have demonstrated. 



By The Numbers...

In 2023, Community Missions provided:

12,108 nights of shelter

178,696 meals

2,780 individuals with clothing

3,562 care days in Youth Services

43,388 care days in Recovery Services

72,302 care days in Housing Services

467 reflections & resources for Faith Development


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