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Virtue of Generosity: Annual Awards Brunch

On May 29, 2014, Community Missions held its 22nd Annual Awards Brunch at the LaSalle Yacht Club.  Every year, the agency commemorates the generous donations and impactful partnerships of its many sponsors and supporters.

Recipients included the North Tonawanda Police Department and Police Chief William Hall, Laura J. Kelemen, LCSW-R, JoAnne Paxon, Panera Bread Store #601620, Kristen LaGamba, Bob Inwards, the Grigg Lewis Foundation and Barbara Northan.  Thanks to these generous donors, Community Missions can continue to provide its clients with the utmost care. Whether it be enlightening fellow staff members of the social, clinical and behavioral challenges of troubled youth, transitioning medical care for individuals battling mental illness, or merely saving the agency thousands of dollars, their charity is duly noted.  Because of these donors, our clients enjoy a seamless support network.

We especially thank all of this year's winners as well as our volunteers.  As an organization, we will continue to convey our seven core values of respect, spirituality, teamwork, compassion, integrity, commitment and responsibility to all those we receive and serve. 



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In 2016, Community Missions provided:

11,104 nights of shelter

89,366 meals

6,744 individuals with clothing

2,295 care days in Youth Services

46,888 care days in Recovery Services

73,994 care days in Housing Services

182 opportunities for Faith Development

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